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Another Sports Blog? You Betcha!

Posted by sportsmaven on January 17, 2007

Yes, yet another sports blog has entered cyberspace.  The Sports Maven is born, conceived, birthed, brought to live in a stunning manner.  Something like five blogs a minute are created and probably half of those are sports, which begs the question (it’s never just one question) Why The Sports Maven?  Why read this particular sports blog?  I’ll tell you in one word: suffering.  Chicago sports is all about suffering, and The Sports Maven is all about Chicago sports and beyond.  People LOVE to see suffering — ask any one of the 10,263 patrons that witnessed yet another come from ahead defeat of the Blackhawks; hope squashed and suffering setting in. 

My passion for sports in general and Chicago sports in particular leads me to to the eloquence of creating a blog to capture the essence of suffering, with a dash of hope, some blind faith, humorous and passionate pleas with my point of view sprinkled in for effect.  Like a famous line of a bus company “Go Greyhound and leave the suffering to me.”  So, pardon the dust and button up your chinstraps and I promise to author prose my 6th grade English teacher would be proud of….if not, i’ll figure out how to get video on here, pronto.

3 Responses to “Another Sports Blog? You Betcha!”

  1. I will cover the White Sox (they haven’t done anything since I started the blog), Blackhawks, possibly the Rush since Ditka is involved. Probably won’t cover the Wolves since I have the Blackhawks covered for hockey and it gets to be too much. Might cover the Fire once I get the blog started or get a guest blogger to cover it for me. Will cover NASCAR when they race in Chicago and will get my guest blogger, Jack V. to cover… is that for a plan?

  2. Jack said

    Where are the White Sox, Hawks (okay, they were actually , BARELY, mentioned), Wolves, Rush, NASCAR???

  3. Cub Fan 1908 said

    Refreshing idea, nice style. Looking forward to your future blogs.

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