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Mike Ditka, Mike Ditka, Where Art Thou, Mike Ditka?

Posted by sportsmaven on January 18, 2007

OK, so Shakepeare couldn’t have written a better vignette than Da Coach did this morning on Mike North’s radio show on WSCR 670 Chicago.  Mike Ditka can’t pick between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints?  C’mon, I don’t buy it.  Da Coach loves Chicago, he lives in Chicago, called Chicago the best city in the world, but yet he can’t pick between the Bears and Saints?  The guy bleeds orange and blue.  He wants to say the Bears, he needs to say the Bears, but he held back, used the guise of being a member of the national media now and stressed impartiality. Have you heard even ONE national sports media figure fail to give his or her opinion on who will win this game?

The Coach dislikes Mike McCaskey with a passion and is still miffed at how his firing as Bears coach was handled and that’s why he can’t pick the Bears.  Unfortunately, McCaskey somehow worked his way back into the Bears hierarchy, although smartly staying out of the limelight and the day to day operation of the Chicago Bears.  Coach — you are the Chicago Bears, as much as Babe Ruth was the New York Yankees.  Coach, who are you rooting for?  Cut the man open, he’s bleeding orange and blue.

2 Responses to “Mike Ditka, Mike Ditka, Where Art Thou, Mike Ditka?”

  1. I never bought Ditka’s impartiality in the matter. My impression was that he wanted to make Mike McCaskey squirm a bit and get yet another dig into the McCaskey tenure, but Ditka is all about the Bears. He’s probably one of the very few nationally known media analysts that can totally get away with being a homer (I’m the other one, by the way…) When you see Ditka, the audience EXPECTS him to love the Bears. He played, coached, lives Chicago. SNL made a living off of the personification of Ditka as a flawed, mythical deity of Chicago sports lore. So finally, he comes out and shows his true allegiance in picking the Bears, on his own terms too. Like we were all sweating his neutrality……

  2. RebelFlag said

    Notice that when asked Da Coach did say that the would be happy if the saints won, but would be ELATED if the Bears won. Still impartial? Not so much.

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