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Live From Washington, DC

Posted by sportsmaven on January 23, 2007

This week I am writing my blog entries from the Washington, DC area, actually Northern Virginia, the suburbs of DC. I come to DC once a month for a week for business, so that provides me the unique and somewhat esoteric experience of writing about (and reading and not seeing) Chicago sports from outside Chicago. My plans were well thought out before I began the actual writing of my blog when I carefully researched the merits of the SlingBox.

SlingBox PRO with a Set Top Box

Being outside Chicago, it is quite the challenge to get Chicago sports editorial/programming. (internet access and programming/content has eased the pain somewhat) Because the Chicago Bears are in the Super Bowl, the coverage is on a national level, but usually, I have to settle for what I consider to be a very bland sports offering from Washington DC. Not to slight DC sports, but I believe that sports takes a distant back seat to politics in our beloved Nation’s Capitol.

The Washington Wizards are actually playing good basketball and Gilbert Arenas lit up the Phoenix Suns tonight, but Washington sports, overall, leaves something to be desired for me. I asked for a SlingBox from my parents for Christmas this year and they obliged and picked it up for me. (well let me pick it out for myself anyway) The SlingBox is nothing short of amazing, especially if you travel, or spend a fair amount of time outside the Chicago area and have to put up with the less than desirable sports programming from the local cable company. The SlingBox is a piece of hardware that streams your local television cable signal over the internet so you can watch it from any internet connected device. No programming subscriptions or fees, easy to set up (took me less than 10 mins. to hook it up to my Comcast set top box in my home office.)

I mean, is this an amazing concept or what? I have a smart phone and I can even set my SlingBox up to watch tv on my cellphone (or any other internet enabled device)! I can get the SlingBox PRO (supports HD, although I haven’t figured that out quite yet) or SlingBox AV (probably the more reasonable version for most people). I tested it out on Sunday with my friend Bernie, who had to go to France on a business trip and used my SlingBox to watch the NFC Championship Game live (in France, the game was broadcast, but on a time delay)

I have finally defeated the demons of bad local sports programming on my business trips and can now watch my home tv through the techological wonder known as the SlingBox. If you travel frequently, or are away at school, or just miss your local programming while visiting Grandma, I highly recommend getting a SlingBox. I have included links in this post to whet your interest. So far I have watched 2 Bulls game that were only on the local Comcast network in Chicago and my daily dose of Chicago Sports Nite LIVE.

You should just get this thing because it is simple, elegant, and just plain outright cool……

7 Responses to “Live From Washington, DC”

  1. Thank you very much……appreciate all the bookmarks, linkbacks, and trackbacks.

  2. This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

  3. The other thing I failed to mention is that the SlingBox is not just for travelling. If you have internet access at the office, you could tap into your home cable tv to, I don’t know, say get a live view of those afternoon Cubs games directly on your work desktop.

    Now, i’m not advocating that you should do that, from a work/employment perspective, but you certainly could and how cool is that? You leave the game on running in the background while you do your work and if something good is about to happen, you can watch it instead of settling for radio or other forms of internet updates….

  4. Shari said

    very cool! never heard of that before…I guess it would come in handy if I traveled more! 🙂

  5. TF said

    great information!!!

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  7. Dre said

    Sounds pretty sick….Good idea for Language school **hint hint nudge nudge**

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