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Lovie Smith To The Dallas Cowboys? Stay Tuned….

Posted by sportsmaven on January 23, 2007

The big news of the day today was yet another official retirement of Bill Parcells as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Of course, it took about 5 minutes for the rumor mill in Chicago to start rolling. Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune wrote his column today speculating on the potential of Lovie Smith replacing  Parcells in Dallas, of course, after the conclusion of the Super Bowl. So the question becomes, Lovie to Dallas? It’s something to consider mainly because Lovie is by far the lowest paid head coach in the NFL (or one of the lowest) and has not signed an extension or a new contract. Since Lovie signed his original contract, a number of coordinators have exceeded Lovie’s salary, the latest being Dom Capers in Miami. The other unconfirmed rumor is that Lovie has been offered a contract and has yet to sign it, with speculation that he was waiting for the possibility of the Dallas job opening up upon a Parcells resignation/retirement.

The speculation does make for good press, and i’m sure at some level, the Dallas job could be construed as Lovie’s dream job. But if you ask me, here are all the reasons why I think Lovie is not going anywhere:

1. The Bears just won the NFC Championship yesterday and are playing in Super Bowl XLI. Lovie realizes that he is one very well prepared and executed game plan away from realizing his dream of winning the Super Bowl. His focus will be singularly on the Chicago Bears for the next two weeks. Dallas will not enter his mind in the least at this point.

2. Lovie Smith strikes me to be man of moral and ethical character. I believe he is also a very loyal person. Lovie doesn’t strike me to be a person who would sit on a contract offer, fair or otherwise. He also doesn’t come across as as someone who would complain about his contract situation. He realizes that this is not the time or place to complain. There are bigger things going on right now than contracts or money. He understands he will be compensated at the right time and place.

3. The Bears would be simply foolish to let Lovie walk away from the organization after he took this team to it’s first Super Bowl in 21 years. The NFL coaching world is a carousel right now, with 5 (now 6) head coaching jobs changing hands and assistants switching teams like a Chinese fire drill. Continuity and consistency is difficult to come by and it looks like the Bears escaped any changes for next season as well. Coaches are not governed by the salary cap, so Lovie should get his fair due from the Bears, especially if he brings the Lombardi Trophy with him into the negotiating room.

That being said, I think that Jerry Jones may not be patient enough to wait for Lovie and might want another high impact/high profile coach (anyone say Dennis Green?). And can you fault a man if he leaves for his dream job and does it in a professional and ethical manner? (unlike Nick Saban). My clear cut prediction: Lovie Smith will remain Bears coach and the Dallas Cowboys will move to hire a “big” name as their next coach. Done deal.

One Response to “Lovie Smith To The Dallas Cowboys? Stay Tuned….”

  1. Shari said

    Lovie better not go anywhere! I’m sure he’ll stick around – like you said, he just doesn’t seem like the kind of person to up and leave after taking the Bears to the Superbowl.

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