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Chicago Bears Had Little Chance Against Saints? They Have NO Chance Against Colts…

Posted by sportsmaven on January 26, 2007

… or so it seems. The two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl is like waiting for the executioner to come, unless your team in the Super Bowl and then it’s pretty awesome, as your team is in the national spotlight on the biggest stage of the biggest game of the most popular sport in the country.

For the Chicago Bears, what we get is two weeks of hearing about how the Bears have no chance against the vaunted Indianapolis Colts offense. We get to hear about how it’s Peyton Manning’s year, that the Peyton Manning – Rex Grossman QB matchup is the biggest one-sided matchup in Super Bowl history (an ESPN SportsNation poll has Rex Grossman as the worst Super Bowl QB ever and he hasn’t even played the game yet!). Am I spot on, or just spewing sour grapes at an overreaction to what I perceive as bias towards the Colts domination over the Bears? Lets take a closer look:

1. Who’s picking who to win this game, early predictions:

CBS Sportsline: 5 of 7 analysts pick the Colts to win
CNN/SI’s Dr. Z: Colts, an easy pick
CNN/SI’s Nunyo Demasio: Colts 31-24
AOL Sports’ Ira Miller: Colts

2. Lets see who the general population is picking (ESPN SportsNation):

ESPN SportsNation Map: 49 of 50 states think the Colts will win Super Bowl XLI
55% of people think the Colts will win Super Bowl XLI

That being said, the Bears are 7 pt. underdogs going into today……don’t know about you, but Lovie better start shuffling those underdog/no respect cards.

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