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Chicago Blackhawks Lose — Again

Posted by sportsmaven on January 28, 2007

The Chicago Blackhawks are a franchise in distress. It doesn’t matter which players they bring in our who coaches this team. It doesn’t matter who the GM is, this team is lousy. Bring in Nikolai Khabibulin and he gets crushed every night. Adrian Aucoin — injured and ineffective. Brian Smolinski — invisible. The only one performing consistently is Martin Havlat. The Blackhawks got a little bit of a bump when Denis Savard was named head coach, and I definitely like his style over that of the very unmatched and bad hire, Trent Yawney. (who’s team play mirrored his last name) Last night’s loss to the Nashville Predators is the Blackhawks 10th winless game in a row, and they are virtually out of the playoff race.

So what to do to fix this team? Who knows what this team needs. It definitely needs more talent on the rise. It definitely needs more goal scoring. Ultimately, the team needs a refreshing new view from ownership. Top to bottom, this team is not getting the job done.

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