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Chicago Bears Show Up Early, Get Down To Business

Posted by sportsmaven on January 30, 2007

Plenty has been made of the Indianapolis Colts not arriving in Miami until Monday night. At 7:17pm local time, the Colts plane touched down in Miami and begin their whirlwind Super Bowl week in the cover of darkness. Controversy followed the Colts, as sportswriters filed a grievance with the NFL over the Colts late arrival (well later arrival than the Bears.) The Chicago Bears arrived a full day earlier, on Sunday afternoon. Attired in business suits, on what Coach Lovie Smith calls a “business trip” the Bears got the head start on facing the media and circus like onslaught that is characteristic of past Super Bowls.

Bears Arriving In Miami

Bears Arriving in Florida

It is widely believed that the team that deals with the adversity the best, the team that settles down and adapts to the environment first has improved it’s chance of coming out on top come game day, as the distractions are plentiful. The team that is less distracted and more in routine has a better shot of winning this game. The Bears have had a full day head start, while the Colts will have to play catch up.

The Bears are still 7 pt. underdogs going into Sunday’s game. The pressure is squarely not on the Bears, as most reasonable people believe that the Colts have the far superior offense. From Lovie Smith, to Rex Grossman, Brian Urlacher, Adewale Ogunleye, these Bears are preparing and having fun, being the loose team. Time will tell if the Colts have the opportunity to do such.

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