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Bears Can Win On National TV

Posted by sportsmaven on October 8, 2007

22After the Dallas Cowboys160167 game a couple of weeks ago, I began to doubt whether or not the Chicago Bears 161168had a jinx of their own. It seems as though the Bears can’t win a game on national television. The Bears record on Monday Night Football has been an atrocious 18-32 going into the 2007 season. Their record on Sunday Night Football has been a little better, 2-1 going into last night’s game with the undefeated Green Bay Packers162169.

Bears Beat Packers 27-20

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

With the Cubs death spiral in the playoffs, as well as the 1-3 start for the Bears, going into last night’s game, many thought it would be a long winter for sports in Chicago. After the first two drives, it was going to be a REALLY long winter, as the Bears looked about as bad as you could look. But they were still in the game, trailing only 7-0 at the end of the first quarter and 17-7 going into halftime. The Packers somehow couldn’t get past the Bears, keeping them in the game with turnovers, penalties, and mistakes.

ESPN made some references to airing Lovie Smith’s halftime speech to the Bears, but it never made any mention of it after that teaser and I fell asleep waiting for it, so I never got to see it, but whatever he said, it must have worked, as the Bears finally showed up in the second half, played good football, and won the game 27-20.170

I have to admit that the Bears didn’t look very dominant in any phase of the game last night. They looked over-matched both offensively and defensively in the first half. The defense came out much tougher in the second half and the offense did just enough to capitalize on sloppy play by the Packers, but I felt that the the outcome wasn’t so much a Bears victory as it was a Packers loss. I am still not convinced that the offense is much better than it was. Bears QB Brian Griese171 had a good game and the Bears TE had great games. (Finally — TE Greg Olsen172 gets involved and it pays off!)

The Bears defense needs some work, as they let the Packers run on them all night. They did a great job of picking it up in the second half, but I have yet to see the Bears play a complete game this season and we are entering week 6. I am optimistic that the Bears are moving in the right direction and the Packers win was the biggest of the season. We have the Minnesota Vikings173 at home this week and we need to make this game our next make or break game of the week. At 2-3 we are still 2 games behind the Packers and need to close ground every week now. Like it or not, every divisional game is a must-win, that’s the situation we’re in.2

3 Responses to “Bears Can Win On National TV”

  1. slimslaby said

    I don’t know about that. I think I’m seeing alot of positive improvements as well. Olsen and Hester are being utilized, and Griese is spreading the ball around far better than Grossman ever did. They said Griese did the 97 yard drive without communication from the sidelines because the earpiece malfunctioned.

    I guess all the Grossman backers now realize what a mistake it was to have waited this long. Makes me wonder what the Super Bowl might have been like last year had Lovie dumped Grossman about 3 games before the playoffs last year.

  2. The blocking has always been an issue this season. It’s been marginal at best and poor at times. Benson needs BIG holes to run through and the blocking just isn’t there. I thought he would be a better “between the tackles” runner, but he is tentative. Not sure if that is a result of the blocking or not, but it seems to be prevalent in his game. I agree the blocking needs to improve, but it seems that every week, the list of things that need to improve grows instead of shrinks…..

  3. slimslaby said

    What did you think of the blocking ? Is it just me or did the offensive line get manhandled especially while run blocking ? I can recall like 4-5 plays where Benson got hit by an offensive lineman being pushed into him, 3-5 yards in the backfield. We convinced them that we were committed to running, even if we couldn’t be successful doing it. If there is an area where we can improve and have big impact, blocking is it.

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