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Lovie Smith Puts His Chicago Bears Legacy Directly In The Crosshairs

Posted by sportsmaven on January 29, 2009

Change had to come. You knew it, the guy next to you knew it too.  If you’ve watched the Chicago Bears all season, especially on the defensive side of the ball, there was an air of change swirling, rustling the leaves, blowing wildly in the wind.  The offense was an early and pleasant surprise that slowly morphed into what we all thought it would be, but the cornerstone unit of this franchise, the defense, was like the two year recession of the American economy.  Something had to change.

Bears head coach Lovie Smith takes over Chicago Bears defense

Bears head coach Lovie Smith takes over Chicago Bears defense

The media’s favorite fall guy was Bears defensive coordinator Bob Babich, but he was just a front man.  The real finger pointing started the day Bears head coach Lovie Smith announced the departure of then defensive coordinator Ron Rivera and naming linebackers coach Babich his replacement.  Smith followed that up with a plea for people to trust him when it comes to the welfare of his Chicago Bears football team.  When the argument resorts to pulling a “Trust Me” card, that’s was a sure sign to run away, don’t buy it, red-flag warning.

Something had to change after two years of sub-par performance of a unit paid like the elite, but performed very unordinary and uninspired.   Just like the legacy of President Barack Obama, who will forever live on his phrases of more accountability, “Yes, we can” and personal responsibility, Lovie Smith’s legacy will live on his most memorable words too, “Trust Me”.

His legacy will also be square in the crosshairs of his decisions concerning the coaching staff, bringing in former Lions head coach Rod Marinelli to coach the defensive line (and take the title of Asst. Head Coach), moving Babich back to linebackers coach (retaining the defensive coordinator title in name only), where he actually experienced great success with LB’s Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher garnering regular Pro Bowl appearances under his tutelage, and hiring veteran defensive backs coach and ex-Chicago Bear defensive back Jon Hoke to coach the secondary for the Bears.  The biggest move, however, is the announcement that Smith, himself, will be calling the defensive plays next season.

Smith was arguably one of the best defensive coodinators in the NFL, leading a defense that took the St. Louis Rams to Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002.  Smith’s defense was known for being an aggressive defense, forcing 38 turnovers and 4 defensive TD’s.  Smith taking over primary play calling duties from Bob Babich is seen as a strong positive move for restoring the bite in the Bears defense.  One way or another, it definitely will be the move that cements his Chicago Bears legacy, for good or bad.

4 Responses to “Lovie Smith Puts His Chicago Bears Legacy Directly In The Crosshairs”

  1. kevin t said

    Lovie has to go for one reason . Going into this season with no
    real wide receivers to talk of .the reason Cutler throws to Olsen
    somuch is he`s tall and other teams defense knows that and Hester really does not fool anyone yet . But the whole coaching staff is terrible specially the offense and the defense is`nt any better this Bears team SUCKS

  2. kevin t said

    Lovie has to go for one reason . Going into this season without any decent receivers . These days in the NFL you have to have taller receivers then Hester & Bennett and the reason Cutler
    looks so bad . In Denver look who he had there . But people who claim to know football say its always the players fault . No its the shabby coaching, any former Bear that leaves always does better
    elsewhere and you can`t drafting great college players and after one or two seasons they look like crap . All the coaching staff has to go for that reason Chicago Bears fans wait a longtime year after
    year for what to see this pitiful offense now we have to see that on the defensive end of it . we are use to both . this team SUCKS

  3. […] Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune lists the changes in a good article, and also writes that in the press conference, Lovie Smith snapped at reporters that dared to try to confirm the changes.  “I’m not telling you because I don’t want to,” were Smith’s words according to McClure.  Let’s remember that Smith is the coach that called reporters into a private meeting in 2005 to basically tell reporters they’re either with him or against him.  And again in 2007 after the release of defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, when he told reporters that they were obligated to trust his judgment. […]

  4. As a far-away (Europe) Bears fan, I am always looking for new sites with Chicago information.

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