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About The Chicago Sports Maven

Hi, I’m Kent DeCesare and I write The Chicago Sports Maven – Chicago Sports Inside and Out blog. The Chicago Sports Maven blog is a forum to share thoughts and ideas about Chicago sports, both professional, intercollegiate, and any other form of Chicago sports.

I was born a Chicagoan on a blistering hot day in August.  Living in the Chicago area for the first 10 years of life, becoming a life long Chicago sports fan was ingrained into the very fabric of the Chicago Sports Maven.

A move to the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C area (where any sports are a distant #2 to politics) did nothing to deter the spirit and passion for all Chicago sports.  Now, back in the Chicago area once again, the Chicago Sports Maven is back in his element, ingrained with the somewhat misguided eternally optimistic (and sometimes hysterically pessimistic) outlook on sports in general, and Chicago sports in particular.

5 Responses to “About The Chicago Sports Maven”

  1. Brian (Scott's friend) said

    Hey, Ken. How can I add, or can I add, your RSS feed to my facebook?
    Thanks, Brian (Scott’s friend.)

  2. carlfromchicago said

    If you think Ron Turner has to go, try this site

  3. I am currently the editor of the blog . In an effort to expand our site, we’ve been going to similar sites in hopes of trading spaces on our blog roll. Our site has been featured on Yahoo! Sports, Deadspin, Metafilter, and frequents the front page of Digg and Reddit.


    Colby Almond

  4. Rick Monihan said

    Check out….great coverage…

    Article is an excellent breakdown of the 8 play Thomas drive that basically “sealed” the game for Chicago by breaking NO’s back, and whether it can work against Indy (it can).

  5. Rich said

    Sports Maven,

    I like the blog, but I was having trouble finding articles on the greatest team in sports history, the NY Yankees!

    Just giving you a hard time, this is great–gool luck!!!

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