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David (Not Adam) Archuleta, Devin Hester, You Are BOTH Ridiculous…

Posted by sportsmaven on February 29, 2008

I am currently watching the second week of American Idol and my favorite contestant to date is a young man, a 17 year old named David Archuleta. He is not to be confused, nor do I believe he is any relation to Bears safety Adam Archuleta. Why am I writing about David Archuleta? Because his performance tonight is not only the anthesis of his namesake, Adam, but is comparable to Adam’s more renowned teammate, Devin Hester.

Adam ArchuletaDavid Archuleta

Davin Hester’s Touchdown in SB

Judge Randy Jackson told Archuleta that his performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine” was the best he had EVER heard on American Idol, period. Paula Abdul called Archuleta’s performance so good, it was “ridiculous”. Simon Cowell said Archuleta was the hands down favorite in the competition. As I listen to the praise heaped on this young man, listening to the screams of the girls in the audience, it makes me wonder……did Chicago somehow get the wrong Archuleta? And if this Arcuhleta is “ridiculous” is he the Devin Hester of American Idol? I would have to answer YES on both questions. By the way, NFL Free Agency opened today and the Bears still have the wrong Archuleta.

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Chicago Bears Trade For Adam Archuleta — Good Move?

Posted by sportsmaven on March 20, 2007

This just in — the Chicago Bears made an off-season move and it was actually a good one. has reported the the Bears and Washington Redskins made a trade, S Adam Archuleta for a reported 6th round draft pick in the 2007 draft and a reworked contract. Archuleta will make $8.1M over 3 years with $5M guaranteed.

Safety Adam Archuleta Traded To Bears
(AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)

So what do I like about this trade? The Bears pick up a talented, mis-used, playmaker at the line of scrimmage safety. I look at this deal as essentially a trade straight up for S Todd Johnson. Archuleta is more talented than Todd Johnson and only a year older, but it will remain to be seen if Archuleta will step on the field to play special teams and fill that role that both Todd Johnson and S Cameron Worrell vacated when they left for St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins respectively. This also provides big-time insurance for S Mike Brown as well as taking safety off the board for the early rounds of this year’s draft. Putting Archuleta close to the line of scrimmage, something the Redskins outright refused to do, brings a talented playmaker in run-support, a clear Bears weakeness in the second half of last season and especially in the Super Bowl.

I believe that Adam Archuleta will be a terrific fit for the Bears style of defense (just don’t let him cover anyone one on one too often!) and will provide a slight upgrade in talent in the safety position.

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