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Mr. Briggs Goes To Washington?

Posted by sportsmaven on March 26, 2007

I just finished watching the Chicago Bulls game on Comcast SportsNet Chicago and Comcast SportsNite is reporting that Bears GM Jerry Angelo is due to meet with LB Lance Briggs while attending the NFL Owner’s Meetings in Arizona this week. Topic is whether or not the Bears will be interested in signing the two-time Pro Bowl LB to a long term contract or possibly trading Briggs to the Washington Redskins. Multiple news sources are now reporting that the Redskins have offered their #1 draft pick (6th overall) to the Bears in exchange for the Bears #1 pick (pick #31) and Lance Briggs. Reports from Arizona also indicate that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder did confirm the interest and the terms of the proposed deal.

Mr. Briggs Goes To Washington?
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Is this proper value for Lance Briggs? Will the Bears sign Briggs to a long term contract? (that is highly doubtful). So looking at the numbers from the Jimmy Johnson NFL draft value chart, the #6 pick in the first round is worth 1600 points. The #31 pick is worth 600 points. So to make the deal even from a points standpoint, the assumption is that Lance Briggs is worth the #16 pick in the first round, or 1000 points. So essentially, the deal is the #16 and #31 picks of the first round in exchange for the #6 pick in the first round. So the question is whether or not Lance Briggs is worth the #16 pick in this year’s draft?

Second question is who would be available at the #6 pick? Well this is where the scenarios get interesting. It seems the consensus Top 5 picks are QB JaMarcus Russell, RB Adrian Peterson, OT Joe Thomas, WR Calvin Johnson and QB Brady Quinn. Could Calvin Johnson slip to #6? What about Joe Thomas or an even more interesting scenario, what about Brady Quinn? The Bears would have some flexibility here. Option A would be look at any of the consensus Top 5 that might slip, especially the non-QB’s. Option B would be to upgrade the secondary. S LaRon Landry and CB Leon Hall would be the choices there (I don’t see this option playing very well). Option C would be drafting one of the two stud ends, either DE Gaines Adams or DE Jamaal Anderson (I don’t see this option playing very well either.) Option D would be looking to trade down and draft either LB Lawrence Timmons or LB Paul Posluszny or WR Ted Ginn, Jr. (adding speed/big play making ability to the WR position as well as giving the Bears the best return tandem in the NFL) or WR Dwayne Jarrett or DT Amobi Okoye or DT Alan Branch while adding a pick or two in the mid-later rounds of the drafts, where the Bears have done quite well in the recent past.

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Chicago Bears Have No Chance, So Say The Experts

Posted by sportsmaven on January 19, 2007

So the experts say that the Chicago Bears have little to no chance to beat the New Orleans Saints this Sunday in the NFC Championship Game.  I was watching Inside the NFL on HBO this evening and the panel was making their picks for the Bears/Saints game this Sunday.  Bob Costas was the only one to pick the Bears and he only picked them because he is 2 picks behind Cris Carter for the season and Carter chose the Saints.  Dan Marino chose the Saints. Cris Collinsworth chose the Saints.  Costas wanted the Saints but very reluctantly chose the Bears.

ESPN was worse…..every single analyst, with the exception of Merrill Hoge chose the Saints.  Hoge didn’t even make his picks.  Five of seven analysts at CNN-SI pick the Saints.  The list goes on.  You name it, they are picking the Saints.  This is why I like the Bears.  The Bears feel as though they have been disrespected this entire season.  From Roy Williams “guaranteed victory” prediction to Dennis Green’s “Crown their asses” speech, the disrespect has flowed freely and openly.  When they were the only undefeated team left in the NFL, there was still talk about the Bears still not being the #1 team ranked in the NFL.  All this perceived disrespect has done is grow a pretty wide mean streak in the players and bringing this team even closer together.  How does that translate for Sunday?

The Bears will show up mean.  The Bears will play angry and physical.  If you’ve watched any interviews this week with Bears players, especially Rex Grossman’s Comcast Sports Net interview, you will note a testy, irratible tone in their responses.  This is nothing but good for the Bears.  NFL playoff football is all about emotion.  Emotion is what allows teams to step up to that next level and emotion is what makes playoff football so tremendous.  Emotion and heart, as much as talent and skill is what drives teams to victory in the playoffs, just ask Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

So keep picking the Saints, keep disrespecting the Bears, for the team which brings it on with the most emotion, heart, and passion will be holding the George Halas Trophy on Sunday evening.

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