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Chicago Bulls Not In A Very Golden State

Posted by sportsmaven on February 10, 2007

Who are these Chicago Bulls? I hardly know these days. This Bulls team is an enigma, an inconsistent enigma. The Bulls lost a very winnable game tonight to the Golden State Warriors. A game where they led by 14 points going into the 4th quarter. A game where they scored 93 points through 3 quarters. The Bulls lose 123-121 in OT, guaranteeing a losing road trip.

Bulls vs. Warriors
(AP Photo/George Nikitin)

It figured that the Bulls would struggle, as they have not won in Golden State since the 1998 championship season. When asked about the game, Bulls coach Scott Skiles commented:

“We built a nice lead,” Bulls coach Scott Skiles said. “We just lost focus.”

Nice. These are the games the Bulls will look back on at the end of the season and say that they should have had this. This Golden State team is struggling. They were 23-27 going into tonight. This was the Bulls game and they let it get away. Lack of focus? This Bulls team cannot afford lack of focus. They are not good enough to be able to turn it on and off on a nightly basis. When this team works hard and is very focused, they are difficult to beat. When they are lacksidasical and unfocused, they are their own worst enemy. The Bulls beat themselves tonight. As of this evenings results, the Bulls are holding the #5 seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture, which is not home court advantage. The Eastern Conference is once again, a weak conference this season, but teams like the Bulls, who many consider to be the best team in the East, underachieve, making the Eastern Conference race wide open.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Bulls need to consider how to improve this team. Again, I have been a stong backer of a Kevin Garnett deal. I am really hoping that it’s not a Pau Gasol deal. Kevin Garnett in Chicago equates to the Bulls being the Eastern Conference frontrunners and a definite NBA title contender, but the question is, at what price?

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Chicago Bulls Swept Away in Utah

Posted by sportsmaven on February 6, 2007

The Chicago Bulls continue their march through the Western Conference on their current 7 game road trip. They must have taken some cues from their football bretheren in Chicago, as the Bulls were beat pretty handily by the Utah Jazz 100-95. Coach Scott Skiles said the Bulls played hard, but not smart. (sound familiar?). Basically, they could not keep up with 6’11” Jazz C Mehmet Okur yet again. The book is out on the Bulls – exploit them in the middle, especially late in the game. The Bulls still lack a back to the basket post-up player.

Bulls Lose to Utah

With the trading deadline a couple of weeks away, I can tell you right now that I don’t like a Pau Gasol trade at all. He couldn’t cut it in Memphis. Some believe that he doesn’t want to be “The Man” and that going to a team where he can be a second or third option would benefit his game. My feeling is that the Bulls have enough guys on the team who are second or third options. What the Bulls need is someone who is feared, someone who can take over when the game is on the line. Seeing as guys like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Gilbert Arenas, and others are locked up with their perspective teams, it only makes send to go after a guy like Kevin Garnett, to be that go-to guy. Meanwhile, the Bulls are 28-21 and 2-2 on the 7 game road trip.

What do you think about a Kevin Garnett scenario to the Bulls? It’s got to be better than Pau Gasol……thoughts?

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Chicago Bulls Handle The Dallas Mavericks Handily – Frustrated?

Posted by sportsmaven on January 25, 2007

Tonight, I watched a Chicago Bulls team that has me maddeningly frustrated. Going into tonight, the Bulls were 6-7 for the month of January. They have last 4 games where they have had double-digit leads. They have lost to lesser teams such as the Indiana Pacers and two losses to the New Jersey Nets after building 18 point leads. So, enter the 35-8 Dallas Mavericks, arguably the best team in the NBA this season. End results, Bulls 96, Mavericks 85. This is the maddening inconsistency that has defined the season for the Bulls so far.

Scott Skiles proves with each and every day that he is one of the best coaches in the NBA. To have a team this inconsistent, with huge flaws, in the thick of the division and conference race, is nothing short of remarkable. Tonight, the Bulls outrebounded the Mavericks 59-45. They held the Maverics to 31.2% shooting, by far the Mavericks worst shooting game of the season. By far, their glaring flaws also stand out in a game like tonight: 66 of their 96 points scored by their perimeter oriented Big 3 highlights the Bulls top area of weakness, an inside scoring presence. Ben Wallace is an island, being asked to single handedly be the Bulls rebounding and interior defensive presence, like the last man standing at the Alamo.

Pau Gasol? Is he the answer? He could be, but personally, with the Minnesota Timberwolves firing Dwane Casey, if I were John Paxson, I would be speed dialing Kevin McHale to inquire about what it would take to get Kevin Garnett and get that done — now. The Eastern Conference is open and Garnett is the presence the Bulls would need to take the load off of Ben Wallace as well as provide the inside scoring presence the Bulls would need. Reggie Miller from TNT stated tonight that if the Bulls had Garnett, they would be the hands down favorite to win the NBA Title this season……

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