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Chicago Bulls Absorb Yet Another Terrible Loss

Posted by sportsmaven on March 21, 2007

Tonight, I was able to watch most of the Chicago Bulls game versus the Los Angeles Clippers and at the end, I was not sure exactly what happened or why the Bulls lost to this sub-.500 team that is barely in playoff contention in the NBA’s Western Conference. All after the previous day, Scott Skiles lit into this team for potentially being too young not to recognize that good playoff teams that have title aspirations need to win games like this game and the Memphis game on Saturday night.

Bulls Absorb Yet Another Terrible Loss
(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

The Bulls team that I watch mystified me in many ways tonight. First off, G Ben Gordon had an off night, which happens to players over the course of an 6-8 pre-season games, 82 regular season games, and if you’re lucky, more than a few playoff games. What I didn’t see is Ben Gordon adjusting his game, contributing in other significant ways, attacking the basket when his jump shot left him. Ben Gordon didn’t step up tonight and that was one of the reasons the Bulls are sitting at home wondering what happened.

Another reason to look back upon is the sloppy play, too many turnovers once again, and virtually no defense played, especially in the 4th quarter. Coach Scott Skiles virtually implied that the Bulls didn’t follow the game plan, which is absolutely amazing to me at this point in the season. The Bulls are a talented team, but will only go as far as their defense takes them. The lapses in these past two games, including losing at home tonight to a Clippers team that won only 9 road games all season, is inexcusible. Was it only 3 days ago that F Luol Deng made his now infamous proclamation that the Bulls could win every remaining game on their schedule? I believe since that comment was made, the Bulls haven’t won a SINGLE game, losing to the dregs of the NBA. The Bulls goal of a 50-win season seems far fetched. They wil have to finish 11-2 to do that. Avoid double digit losses at home? The Bulls will have to go 7-0 in their remaining home games to accomplish that.

My suggestion for the Bulls is tighten up that defense and play hard for 48 minutes. The Bulls looked like they tried to turn it on and off in this game and they are not nearly good enough a team to do that. The Bulls were terribly dominated in the 4th quarter of this game. They gave up 20+ points to three different players on the Clippers. They lost a chance to pick up a game on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the standings in the quest for home court advantage. Now they face a dangerous Denver Nuggets team on Thursday at the United Center. The end of this season gets tougher and tougher….

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Chicago Bulls Start West Coast Trip – Again

Posted by sportsmaven on February 1, 2007

The Chicago Bulls Struggle Against Clippers. The Chicago Bulls definitely do not like the West Coast swings on their schedule, ever. For years, we’ve experienced the marathon circus road trip in November that usually begins on the west coast. They came home from this year’s version of the circus trip with a 3-9 record and it looks like this 7 game west coast trip has all the trappings of being similar to the circus trip. The Bulls were in LA last night playing the mighty Los Angeles Clippers, who have been underachievers for most of the season, but have been on a bit of a run recently, winning their 7th out of their last 8 games last night. The Clippers beat the Bulls 110-98 at the Staples Center.

Bulls Struggle Against Clippers

Statistically, if you look at the box score of this game, it couldn’t have been any more even, with the exception of free throws, where the Clippers attempted 20 more free throws and made 19 more free throws than the Bulls. (this is a recurring theme throughout the season for the Bulls.) Watching this game on television though, it looked like the Clippers dominated the Bulls. The Bulls were consistently down double digits for most of the night. When they would fight back to close within one or two baskets, the Clippers would go on a run and extend the lead back out to double digits, and that was the real story of last night’s game.

The Bulls sorely missed Ben Wallace’s presence last night, especially in the paint. PJ Brown was just overmatched against Elton Brand and Shaun Livingston played out of his mind in the 4th quarter. He killed Kirk Hinrich in the last 6 minutes of the game, scoring at will and playing tough defense on Capt. Kirk. The Bulls didn’t have a go to player step up in the 4th quarter when they tied the game at 94 with 4 minutes left. The Clips just buried them, providing yet another lesson to the Bulls that they need to finish stronger. (Those Finish signs that are all over the Chicago Bears Miami hotel needs to be hung up all over the Bulls locker room.) The Bulls are in Seattle on Friday, Portland on Saturday and in Utah on Monday. I would be happy if the Bulls split the first 4 games of this road trip and they should if they play up to their ability. Of course, that remains to be seen at times. Inconsistency will prompt me to write a future post on this subject somewhere down the road…..

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