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Oh My, Oh My, Miami

Posted by sportsmaven on February 3, 2007

Friday in Miami, what a spectacle. The NFL has been in town, in force, for two weeks now, bringing their biggest event, Super Bowl XLI with them. This is the first time since 1999 that the Super Bowl has graced Miami and you would think that the town had never seen the likes of the NFL, ever. The Super Bowl is a celebration of the NFL season, a reason to have ginormous, decadent, over-the-top parties with intoxicated, scantily clad women chased by men with a libido of a teenage boy, and oh, by the way, a championship game that rivals no other. Everyone who’s everyone is here in Miami, at least celebrity-wise. You can’t go a stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Ocean without hitting some sort of party event by the plethora of NFL corporate sponsors.


In case you’re wondering, Playboy is having a Super Bowl party at the American Airlines Arena on Saturday night. For a tidy sum of $5,000, you can purchase a ticket to eat gourmet food by Chicago’s very own Levy Restaurant Group with over 30 wonderfuly friendly and sexy Playboy Playmates and models. Not to leave anyone out, but Penthouse is also having a Super Bowl party in Miami, their Goin’ Deep Party on Saturday. Party with 28 Penthouse Pets until 5am. Shaquille O’Neal had his “Sexy 60” party last night at the Versace Mansion. Even Tony Siragusa is sponsoring a Super bowl Cheerleader party. I gotta go find this guy!

Other notable parties include Leather & Laces party with Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy and others. How about a two day, two site party Bauer’s Pure Rush Super Bowl party on Thursday and Friday night. The Maxim is tonight at an undisclosed location in Miami. There is a Prince concert tonight, A Jimmy Buffett concert tomorrow night, and Billy Joel is rumored to be sliding into a local haberdashery and doing an impromptu piano bar tickling session on a local Steinway piano.

Everywhere you walk, there are beautiful women, lots of food and drink, sports shows, media members, ordinary football fans, cars, celebrities, all drinking the Kool-Aid of the Super Bowl life. There is beach, surf, fun, and sun. A $100,000 Pepsi Can for a giveaway, plus two tickets to the Super Bowl for life (or 60 years, which ever comes first.) And then, there are the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. It amazes me how these two team can be right in the middle of all this temptation and stay out of trouble. It takes intense focus and commitment to a higher team goal and a overpowering realization of what exactly is at stake.

Both these teams possess that focus and commitment, taking the lead of their perspective head coaches. This has to be the most harmonious, lovefest of a Super Bowl between two opponents in the history of the NFL. Both coaches are virtually best friends. Both teams had nothing but good things to say about each other. Lots of handshaking, backslapping, smiling, laughing and cajoling with intermingling players from both team. It’s hard to hate anyone with the Indianapolis Colts, I try, but I can’t bring myself around to it. They are likeable guys, no TO’s, no Bill Romanowski’s in this crowd. They are both teams with midwestern values, coached by two respectable, low-key men.


If I were Lovie Smith, I would be pulling all the motivational stops out, playing every disrespect card I can play to whip my team into a frenzy. The Bears are underdogs in every way possible, and they seem to be relishing that role, as if they know something that virtually everyone else is missing. If I were Lovie, I would take the team on a midnight field trip to the Miami Convention Center and walk each player, individually, right by the Vince Lombardi Trophy, letting them know that they are “this” far away from bringing that baby home to Chicago. I would let the team know that they only people who believe in them are the 53 men in the locker room, the coaches and staff, and the 4th phase of their game, the Chicago fans, Folks, the pressures is off the Bears now. They weren’t even the consensus pick to be in the Super Bowl, and now, definitely not the consensus pick to win the Super Bowl. Lose is what everyone EXPECTS from the Bears. The Bears can come out loose and free, enjoy every moment, and play as though this is the last game of their lives.

The stage is set. Tomorrow is the last day, the last dress rehersal for Sunday’s big show and the players, coaches, and staff can’t wait. For everyone else, I hope the game is a half as good as all the parties I wish we could attend……

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