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Ike Spikes Chicago Cubs

Posted by sportsmaven on September 12, 2008

It’s Friday night and if we were playing by the rules, the Chicago Cubs would be in cozy Minute Maid Park shooting for some payback from last week’s sweep by the Houston Astros.  Once again, due to a “Cubby Occurance”, the Cubs are stymied by another hurricane, this time the venerable Hurricane Ike.  The Cubs were affected by a hurricane in Florida in 2004, forcing them to take 4 days off in a heated playoff race.  The result was the Cubs playing 26 games in 24 days to end the season.  That contributed mightily to their losing 7 of their last 8 games to miss the wild card.

Ike is preparing to hit shore sometime Friday night/Saturday morning starting at Galveston, Texas.   Despite everyone on the planet knowing that Ike was due to hit Houston, the braintrust at Major League Baseball somehow missed it, with no plan in place on backup sites for this critical 3 game series, thus the potential of 3 days off for both the Cubs and Astros.  Of course, the only thing worse then letting MLB come up with a plan to play the games is to let the Houston Astros come up with a plan.

When Milwaukee was suggested as an alternate site, the Astros response was pointed:

Astros player representative Mark Loretta said the Cubs had asked to play the series in Milwaukee’s Miller Park, where they would be close to Chicago and assured of playing because of the retractable roof.

“We didn’t think that was a very good idea, to try and evacuate our families and take off [or] leave them behind,” Loretta told the Houston Chronicle. “Of course, Milwaukee is kind of a Cubs home game.”

So playing a game at a neutral site out of the path of the hurricane while taking the opportunity to have your family along for the “road trip” in a comfortable evacuation is not a very good idea?  This is all about playing these games in Houston and nothing more.  Understandably so, as the Astros have been baseball’s hottest team and three games at home are priceless, but at the expense of potential danger and backed up with less than intelligent comments like the one above clearly doesn’t make sense.  This should have been resolved days ago by MLB and they dropped the ball.  Someone please help Bud Selig’s crew find the Weather Channel on cable TV.

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